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We are craftsmen, designers, dreamers and makers. We believe that technology can be tailored to the unique developmental needs of children. 

Founders: Justyna Zubrycka and Matas Petrikas



 Photo by Shai Levy




Once upon a time... 

...back in 2014 we had a great idea. What if kids could play with mobile technology so naturally like it was their favorite wooden toy?  We started the design process with the kids in mind, not with the possibilities of what we can produce.

When the first kids held our very first prototype in their hands, we held our breath.. with oxygen back in our brains we realized that it really worked! So we started Vai Kai: focusing on designing play that is intuitive and sensory, that helps to express emotions and brings people closer together.

 The long and ongoing journey from the first idea, to the first prototype, to the first shipped product

The long and ongoing journey from the first idea, to the first prototype, to the first shipped product

Our Team


Matas Petrikas, CEO

Born in a family of craftsmen, he played with ceramics and woodwork since his early childhood. Later he produced music and interactive media, both in his native Lithuania and in Berlin. In 2008 he joined SoundCloud as one of the first software engineers, where he later managed the launches of the biggest music creator platform. Now Matas wants to give his daughters and other children access to the a more human connected world.


Justyna Zubrycka, Chief Designer

With her experience in designing both traditional wooden toys and interactive multi-sensory installations, she got specialized in products that merge physical elements with digital processing and connectivity. Her work were exhibited at Ars Electronica, Maison&Objet, and Lodz Design Festival, among others. Justyna frequently talks at international events about connected playthings, Social Robotics and AI.

Our Advisors


Heiko Panther

Technologist and Engineering Leader, worked previously at Apple, former director at FitBit


Dylan Yamada-Rice

Early childhood development, Researcher in Digital Play and Visual Methods, RCA  


Jens Peter de Pedro

Play design, children's interaction design, previously part of the founding team at Toca Boca 


Y-Fang Deo Van Heere

Operations, Product Development, previously lead and managed new product at Bugaboo


Manolo Espinosa

Executive leader, former VP of Soundcloud, Integrations with Apple, Twitter and Facebook


Ferdi Van Heerden

Change Leader, worked as Business and Organization designer at IDEO