Vai Kai Time Companion

Vai Kai Time Companion


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One VaiKai Time Companion doll enhanced with digital technology. Designed and tested with Early Childhood Specialists. Sustainably made in Europe. Full set of features via free Vai Kai iOS app, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Feedback: emotional sounds, light and haptic heartbeat

  • Material: solid beech wood, finished with high quality child-friendly certified paint or natural oil.

  • Secret compartment for storing treasures, messages and little presents

  • Software can be updated using the free Vai Kai iOS app

  • Includes USB charging cable, play guide and cute stickers

Delivery: December 2018 - before Christmas

Color Finish:
sold out
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To get the full set of features, download free Vai Kai app. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, iOS 10.0 or later. You can connect many dolls to one account.

Main features:

  • Playful Alarm Clock

  • Playful Timer

  • Sending Kiss Messages

  • Hide-and-Seek Play

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VaiKai app enables Hide&Seek games. Both kids and adults find a simple secret compartment very inspiring. The possibilities to create new play experiences are endless.

“I felt in love with Vai Kai the moment I saw them on my Instagram feed. As a mom I struggle with buying the classic toys I love that evoke imaginative play and the hyper stimulative tech toys that bombard us at every corner. I think Vai Kai is a perfect blend of the two.”

- Elizabeth C.

Both kids and adults find the secret compartment very inspiring